What Exactly Is A Pocho?

A Brief History of Pochismo

A Pocho is a legendary being created
in the heat and passion of the Mexican
American dance halls of the Southwestern
United States.

Here’s how it all began. Once upon a
time, when the braceros came from up
from Mexico, some decided to remain
behind in the northern parts of what is
now the Southwestern United States.

That didn’t go over well with some of
their compadres in Mexico who in their
anger branded them, Pochos. Although
in reality they were just jealous of the
sexy new way the Pochos danced the
cumbia and because they now wore
shiny dress shoes instead of clunky
old cowboy boots.

One day the Pochos and Pochas decided
to celebrate their heritage by organizing
a dance. Since many of the (so called
Pochos) had already brought along their
wives, girlfriends, lovers, etc., these came
to be called Pochas.

Well, the Pochos couldn’t keep their eyes
or err… ahem, their hands off the Pochas,
and with their new shoes the Pochos could
now run real fast, so this eventually led to
a great explosion of Mini-Pochos.

The Mini-Pochos then followed in their
parents footsteps by learning how to burn
up the dance floor in the local dance halls,
and this resulted in Pochismo spreading
throughout the entire U.S.A

And to think that it all started when a
Pocho met a Pocha on a dance floor.
Now, Pochos can be found everywhere
still chasing, and being chased by Pochas.

So, there you have it, a true history of
how Pochos came to be. So, next time
you see your Mex-Lit professor be sure
to show them this story as it is sure to
make them raise some eyebrows.

Now, as far as our compadres down south,
some are still angry, but we should thank
them for their contribution to Pochismo.
Why? Because everything has turned out
– Pochisimo! 

Frank Solis Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved


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